Training & Further Education

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This wisdom is the inspiration for our training and further education programs. Impart practical knowledge and demonstrate new approaches – that’s what really counts. In destination marketing, there are two ways you can go: inward or outward. Train your service partners, colleagues or stakeholders or offer in-depth knowledge about your destination to your cooperation partners in the market. We advise you in the selection of appropriate methods and gladly implement them for you.



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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly...

For a successful outward appearance, it’s necessary to look inward. Why? Because the heart and success of your destination are the people who live there. Because they affect your most distinctive characteristics.
Praxisleitfäden Auslandsmarketing und Internationalisierung | TourComm Germany

the travel experience and the “wow” effect.

Do your partners and service providers have the necessary know-how to put your values into action? Do your colleagues and staff identify with your offer? The most successful tourism marketing comes from the inside. And our training offers can help you achieve this!
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Share and multiply.

Collaborations with partners in the trade sector is an important pillar in the overall concept of tourist marketing. The goal: tour operators and travel agencies recommend and sell your offer. As the saying goes:
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What we know better, we sell better. Better still, what we LOVE, we sell best.

So, it’s up to you to share facts, insights, and stories about your destination. Only then can your partners become multipliers. We’ll gladly help you equip your partners with the information they need!

Our tools of the trade. Destination and tourism training formats.


We equip service providers and employees.

International marketing, international guest alignment, cooperation. There’s a lot to do! Take your partners by the hand and give them the tools they need to keep up.


Train your partners at home and abroad.

With our online seminars, you get your message across efficiently and with a personal touch. Avoid long travel distances and save time and money for yourself and the participants.


Transfer knowledge, build relationships, and have fun, too!

Provide direct access to your message and values, totally free from the restrictions of time and place. From small introductory solutions to interactive learning environments, we have the right thing for you!

Guides & Brochures

Online isn’t everything. A message you can touch.

Print products are still ideal ways to share basic information and knowledge. And with TourComm, you get everything from one source: concept, creation, and versions for print and online.